Crispy Fried Chicken Cutlet


Chicken brest meat: 1 piece

Starch: 1 spoon

White flour: 1 spoon

Breadcrumbs: Some

Fried oil: 1 spoon

Salt: 2g

Black pepper powder: 2g

Pepper salt powder: 1g

Cumin powder: 1g

Galic& Green Onion powder:1g


1. Clean chicken breast meat and wipe off the surface water with kitchen paper

2. Cut chicken breast meat into 3 pieces

3. Cast salt, black pepper and smear starch, white flour and fryied oil on meat. Let it stay still for 15 mins.

4. Prepare breadcrumbs and small amount of starch water in different plates.

5. Heat the oil in frying pan. Dip meat in the starch water.

6. Press the meat in the breadcumbs evenly.

7. Fry in the pan in medium heat and keep stir it in case over burned.

8. Take out meat untill both side fried in golden color.

9. Cast cumin powder, pepper salt, garlic & green onion powder.

10. Slice it into strips then put in plate and serve.

By: Elife Station

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