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Handmade authentic Asian dumplings, kimchi and chilli sauce. We provide authentic Asian taste, quality food and affordable products to create people’s quality food life in Norway.


Authentic Asian dumplings from taste of China, Korea and Japan. Heartily handmade, juicy, flavor and chewing. One bite is full of happiness. Contact us for booking.


It is 100% Korean taste kimchi. Selective napa cabbage purchased from local food supplier. Naturally fermented with perfect sour taste.

Chilli Sauce

Handmade authentic Asian chilli sauce. It’s the best sauce with dumplings, noodle soup, fried rice and many other Asian favor dishes.

Dumpling Cook Recipe

Sour Spicy Dumpling Soup


Steamed Dumplings




I am a chef myself and I taste delicious food from all over the world. I love the flavors of Dumpling Kingdom. It's a really delicious taste made at a chef's level. I will definitely eat them again and I highly recommend them.

Armando, former Michelin Star Restaurant Chef at Noma

I love East Asian food and I enjoy cooking at home. These are the best dumplings I have ever tried so far. They're simple to cook, delicious and juicy. SUPER DEILIG!

Trond, Norwegian

I’m Chinese and missed dumpling culture so much after I moved abroad. It's always so hard to find authentic food in town. When I tried Autumn's dumplings. Wow, the first bite transported me back home. This is exactly the taste of home. I'm so happy.

Lily, Chinese

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